The Battlegrounds of the Second American Civil War are Everywhere

Locker Rooms. Athletic Fields. The Streets. Everywhere you look, you can see another battlefield from the Second American Civil War. But we were told we were incorrect. That we were just overreacting. That this was normal. But the notion that these battlefields were not places to stand and fight is ludicrous; the left is attacking, in full force, the essence of what makes Americans American. If those on the right are unwilling to defend these values, then those on the right do not deserve to live by those values. But now that the right is finally unwilling to cede even an inch, the Second American Civil War is on, and it is in no way a cold war.

The right did not start the Second American Civil War, the left did. While the left wants to change what makes America America, the right wants to allow progress while maintaining the ideals that made America the freest country in the world. Or, to put it another way, the left thinks the ideals and values promised in the Constitution are rotten whereas the right recognizes the founders were flawed, but their philosophies were not. Their philosophies and the documents they created based on the philosophies provided the framework for the greatest and freest country in world history. A simple glance at world history proves this to be the case.

However, the left is attacking those values. They are attacking all the things that made–and make–America great. The notion that all men are created equal and that they are endowed with certain inalienable rights. The left is literally trying to curb and abridge those inalienable rights. Those on the left do so because they do not know the first thing about what it means to be an American. They are AINOs; Americans In Name Only. They attack–over and over again–the basis of Americanism, and now that the right has said, “ENOUGH!” the Civil War is on, and it will end in bloodshed.

The Second American Civil War Won’t Be a Hot War, It Is Already a Hot War

For some reason, people think the Second American Civil War is going to be a cold war. While it is difficult to get people to admit that there is a Civil War happening right now, even those that do admit it, think it is a cold war. But ask David Dorn if it is a cold war. Ask Aaron “Jay” Danielson if it is a cold war. Go ahead and ask all the people whose jobs and livelihoods–where the food was taken out of the mouths of their children–if this is a cold war.

Cold Wars do not have deadly riots. Cold Wars do not feature blocks upon blocks of burning buildings. They do not feature overturned cop cars and police officers getting firebombed. This is a hot war and it is only going to get hotter, especially because the side with the guns just started fighting.

Why Things Are About to Get Hotter

Some people make the argument that if something is law, then it is constitutional. They argue that once judges hand down verdicts, the law is therefore constitutional. But that is not true, and we are seeing it everywhere. A law and country that allows men to show their genitalia to underage girls in locker rooms is not abiding by The Constitution. The Constitution does not allow for laws that enable men to beat up women and treat them as equals on the athletic fields. It does not allow for child protective services to storm into your house and tell you how to raise your children. But these are what our laws are now and will be in the future if the right does not fight back. These are the battlefields of the Second American Civil War.

Do you honestly think fathers and mothers will allow this to continue? Build your locker rooms. Build your own leagues. Those arguments can only go so far. If you want to go to a public spa, you should not have to worry about your daughter getting sexually harassed by a man walking around with his junk out. This is the Me Too Movement; the Younger Generation, and the left is supporting the sexual harassers. If are going to be our laws, then the laws are inconsequential. Any father (or mother) is well within his “god-given” right to shoot any man–and people with penises are men–who exposes himself to his daughter. Just because our laws currently say it is acceptable does not make it acceptable.

We are on the verge of Americans, who believe in American ideals, taking matters into their own hands. They should have a long time ago, but it is not too late. The Biden Administration wants to codify indoctrination and racism into public schools? No. No chance. If they think they can force parents to idly sit by and watch it happen, they do not know the first thing about being an American. Being an American is rebelling. It is starting insurrections when the government gets too powerful. And a government that wants to take over and start being a parent to your children–while teaching them horrific values–is too powerful.

The Good News? This is in America’s DNA

And you wonder why the Biden administration and the left are going after your guns? Because they want to strip Americans of their only recourse in fighting back. If you love America, you will not allow this. You will fight back. Now that all the cards are on the table and Americans see what the left is about, the Second American Civil War is in its next phase; the phase where the right starts fighting back.

With people like Chris Rufo in the fold, the right can win. It just needs to recognize the Second American Civil War has already started and the battlefields are everywhere. Fortunately for the right, it only needs two things: the courage to fight, and the willingness to use the big guns on all fronts, both figurative and literal.

And the even better news? This is nothing new for Americans. This fight is in America’s DNA. The founding fathers fought a war against government overreach once and came out victorious. Now it is roughly 250 years later, and the same is being asked of their literal and spiritual descendants. The solution is to simply act like a real American and honor the founding fathers by fighting to preserve their ideals. Or to borrow a phrase, to protect this great country from danger both foreign… and domestic.