The Founding of the Temper Tantrum Nation

“Editor-at-Large” at “The Post Millenial,” Andy Ngo, recently posted a clip of the Portland Police telling Antifa rioters to clear an area. At the end of the clip, the police officer blaring out the warnings bluntly states, “stop throwing objects or this gathering will be declared an unlawful assembly.” Of course, because Antifa rioters are nothing except ignorant spoiled children, they continued to throw objects and were forced to disperse. But those are the standard operating procedures for modern-day rioters; scream, throw things, and destroy stuff in hopes of getting your way. Those are the actions of spoiled children during a temper tantrum. Children who never learned to live with things they don’t like and who never learned how to listen to authority nor how to act with them. Instead of acting like adults with working prefrontal cortexes, we see tempter tantrum after temper tantrum, and there is no sign of abatement.

How is it possible we have devolved so much as a society that we are allowing this to continue? Who in their right mind is watching all this go down and saying, “that’s normal and acceptable behavior for people in a civil society?” What we are witnessing is nothing new. The temper tantrum nation started to emerge right before things got truly heated in the 2016 election. Then, after Donald Trump won, it really kicked into gear.

The memes and videos that started to pour in in the aftermath of his election were glaring in their childishness. It started on election night and was pushed by some of the comedic thought leaders, supposed adults who proved they don’t know how to handle losing

Then it continued on the day of Trump’s inauguration

And again on the anniversary of his election

Over and over again we were forced to bear witness to the frustration, sadness, and primal anger of those who opposed Trump. We were made to watch and to bear witness and act as if this type of behavior was acceptable. However, that is obviously not the case. The vast majority of adults learned this type of behavior is unacceptable by the age of 10, but for some reason, every single temper tantrum was seen as a legitimate form of protest.

These adults were merely the outraged voices of the oppressed. Therefore, because being oppressed is a sign of righteousness in modern society, these people could say and act however they wanted, no matter how juvenile and pathetic they were being.

The Temper Tantrum Nation Gets Violent

Things died down for a little, but the temper tantrum nation was still seething, still looking for an opportunity to unleash their righteous anger. Enter George Floyd.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, thousands upon thousands took to the streets to protest police brutality. It is a fair assumption to say the overwhelming majority of people who were protesting did so with a real purpose in mind; they wanted real change, and they were willing to go about it peacefully… and like adults. However, scattered among those whose intentions were virtuous, were numerous members of the temper tantrum nation; those who were still angry and simply looking for an outlet and a way to visibly portray their indignation and suffering.

They seized upon the opportunity presented by George Floyd’s death and appropriated the cause and the movement. The Portland riots and all the looting you see in cities like Minneapolis, Oakland and New York City have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd or the statement black lives matter. Taking a hammer to a Target cash box does not make you a patriot and freedom fighter, it makes you a petty and opportunistic crook. Getting violent and starting riots where black men, women, and children are dying, belies the statement “Black Lives Matter.” To believe anything else is to live in an alternate reality; you can’t say “Black Lives Matter” and then have your actions directly lead to the death of more black people. That is asinine and counter to reality.

But it is not just the fault of the protesters and those throwing temper tantrums. Those who excused these temper tantrums when they first started are also at fault. When we give implicit permission for adults to start acting like children–of course–terrible things are going to happen. A child having a temper tantrum is manageable; they are the only ones doing it, and besides, they are small and easily controllable. When an adult does it, it is scary and by size alone is much more dangerous. When a group of adults get together and throw a collective hissy fit, it leads to property damage, injury, and sometimes death. In other words, when a group of adults are throwing a temper tantrum, it is a riot.

And many on the American political left are excusing these riots, simply because they agree with the sentiment. They think these rioters, these adults who are in need of a serious nap time, are justified. They engage in double-speak and are at once claiming they are “a myth,” while at the same time saying they are “peaceful protestors” and refuse to condemn them.

Why the Temper Tantrum Nation is Allowed to Continue Acting the Fool

That is the whole point; too many adults are excusing and accepting behavior from other adults that they would not accept from children. Temper tantrums are stopped when they either run out of steam or punishment is presented and threatened that otherwise compels the spoiled child to stop acting like a child. However, people are pushing and prodding these black-cladded Baby Hueys and egging them on. With the backing of many on the American left, there is no sign these will stop. Why should they? They are constantly being told how they are acting is not just acceptable, but laudable.

We have strayed so far off course we have inverted the proper way to behave in society. If you feel like society is starting to fray, it is because what you once thought, nay, knew, was the proper way to comport yourself is no longer the ideal. The ideal way to conduct yourself, and to engage in things like civil disobedience? Those have now changed. The actions, the definitions, the proper way for how to live in society is changing right before our very eyes. This is dangerous

That is why people push back when definitions of words begin to change. This is the reason there is an uproar when biological fact is treated as something oppressive; in our striving for equality, we become less equal and are worse off for it. We allow more people to get away with more things we knew even five years ago were unacceptable. Just because of, what? Trump?

So if you are looking around wondering what the hell is happening to America, the answer can be found in every nursery school, kindergarten, and playground across the U.S. Look at all the temper tantrums there… that is what is happening in our streets. But unlike good parents and teachers, nobody is putting these overgrown children in timeout. It is time we start doing that; if you throw something, if you break something, if you assault somebody, you get a timeout (jail). And just like the children you are, you stay there until you learn your lesson.