One Again, Tisha Be’av Proved the Temple Mount is a Hostage

This weekend, Jews commemorated Tisha Be’av; the destruction of the Holy Temple. In fact, Tisha Be’av is so fraught with misery for the Jewish people because the Holy Temple was destroyed… twice on Tisha Be’av. Worse for Jews (because Jewish pain can always get worse), Jews are not even allowed to pray on Tisha Be’av where the Holy Temple once stood. That is because the Holy Temple was (not so coincidentally) located on the Temple Mount. But Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. Only Muslims can. Because now Al-Aqsa/The Dome of the Rock resides there. Because if Jews had the audacity to pray on the holiest spot in their religion, Palestinians and Muslims would start a Holy War (a jihad) in response. Simply put, the Temple Mount is a hostage, and Muslim terrorists are the ones holding the Temple Mount hostage.

The Temple Mount is a hostage like any other person abducted by a terrorist is a hostage. The terrorists know that the Temple Mount is a hostage because they refuse to kill it. They refuse to destroy it. They know the rest of the world will allow them to get away with bloodying the hostage… just so long as they don’t totally decapitate it. Sure, rocks and riots are fine on the Temple Mount… just don’t burn it all down. That is the message from the international community and the terrorists toe the line accordingly, understanding the leverage game.

Israel though is nominally in charge of the Temple Mount, therefore whenever anything bad happens there, it is Israel’s fault. When the lies spread by Mahmoud Abbas and international media result in Palestinian riots on the Temple Mount, it is Israel’s fault. When Jordanian King Abdullah lies about the Temple Mount resulting in riots, it is Israel’s fault. No matter what occurs at the Temple Mount, Israel gets the blame. The Temple Mount is a hostage via Islamists who threaten a jihad should Jews prayer there, but also through the international community’s acceptance of this status quo.

The International Community Accepts the Status Quo that the Temple Mount is a Hostage

The Temple Mount is allowed to stay hostage with the approval of the international community. While the argument is trite at this point with regard to Israel, not a single country would stand for this if this was any other place on earth. Holding a person hostage is too much, but holding a holy site hostage–a holy site to three separate religions no less–is perfectly acceptable. It is only acceptable because the international community allows Palestinians and Muslim leaders to blatantly lie about the Temple Mount.

The status quo at the Temple Mount is that only Muslims can pray there. This status quo only exists because it is an outright denial of historical fact. “Yasser Arafat during the controversial Camp David Accords, late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat declared that there never was a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. Since then, Islamists have declared that the Jewish people have no claim to the Temple Mount or Israel at all.”

Not only is this claim farcical, but it goes one step further and denies Christians the right to pray there. Christians who were praying at the Temple Mount well before the arrival of Muhammed. And yet, every country continues to abide by this blatant rejection of reality simply because they fear the hot-blooded reaction of Islamists. But everybody just accepts the Temple Mount as a hostage because that is the status quo.

The Other Status Quo Israel Needs to Force the Rest of the World to Recognize

But what status quo are they recognizing? What is the real reason everybody accepts this status quo? That the world is perfectly fine allowing terrorists to dictate what can and cannot be allowed. Who cares if the Temple Mount is the holiest place in the world for Jews, Islamists will riot if anything is done there. Who cares if Christians were praying at the Temple Mount well before Muhammed alighted on a winged horse, if Christians pray at the Temple Mount, Islamists will riot.

So, again, what status quo is the world recognizing? The world recognizes that the status quo is actually, “if Islamists are angry, they riot.” Ok, but they riot anyways. They riot because Israelis wave their flags in their capital. They riot because Abbas lies and international media promulgate the lie. The question isn’t, “why do they riot?” The question is, “when do they not riot?” The Temple Mount gets battered and bruised no matter what happensThat is the status quo, but that is unacceptable.

Oh, Look! A Day Ending in “Y”

This capitulation to terrorism is a disgrace. It is a disgrace to Jews and Israel, and it is a disgrace to everybody who believes in Justice. So accept that status quo and recognize that if the Temple Mount is a hostage and continuously subject to riots, you might as well change the status quo. But the Islamists will riot and get angry and the international community will condemn Israel! So, in other words, a day ending in “Y?”

Nowhere else in the world would such blatant terrorism be allowed, but since Jews are the ones hurt most by it, the international community allows it. The same international that constantly condemns Israel when other countries either get a pass or are praised for similar actions. But this cannot and should not be allowed to continue.

What is the fear of changing the status quo? That Israel will lose control over the Temple Mount? They don’t have it right now! Jews cannot pray at their holiest site. Israel and Jews do not control the Temple Mount. The terrorists do. Because the terrorists are holding the Temple Mount hostage. But the time has come to save the hostage. The time has come to save the Temple Mount and ensure rioting never occurs there. To ensure the Temple Mount is known for only one activity; prayer. Prayer for Muslims, prayer for Christians, and prayer for Jews. If you cannot get behind that, guess what? You support the terrorists and the hostage-takers.