Mark Cuban Hates America and Its Totems… Also, He Might Be a Good Guy?

Mark Cuban once again caught the NBA off guard this week when he confessed the Dallas Mavericks had not been playing the National Anthem prior to their home games this season. It forced the NBA to come out and reiterate its policy that “all teams will play the national anthem” before every game. It was yet another move by Mark Cuban showing his hatred for America and America’s totems. For some reason, Mark Cuban has no problem siding with China on a wide variety of issues, but honoring America before every game? That is a step too far. While this might seem like something out of the ordinary, for Mark Cuban, it is just another instance of Mark Cuban, the walking conundrum.

Whenever Mark Cuban has made headlines for the NBA lately, it is almost always in a negative light. Most of the issues and dubious decisions by Cuban can be traced to his simple love of money. It seems like whenever there is a decision between doing the right thing and making money for his NBA team, Mark Cuban chooses the money. That is how you get one of the smartest guys in America sounding like an absolute idiot and “both sidesing” the issue when confronted about his stance on China by Megyn Kelly.

But Mark Cuban truly cares about the plight of the less fortunate. Yes, the same guy who sees no problem with the NBA and the Dallas Mavericks profiting and taking money from China also goes out of his way to help others. During the pandemic, he made sure that his stadium personnel were taken care of and “offer(ed) hands-on help” in the community.

In maybe the best and most underreported story of the pandemic, Cuban went out of his way to track down Delonte West and practically save his life. Cuban did this for no other reason than he could help out another human being. That is being a mensch.

So on the one hand you have the Mark Cuban who says “Sure, China, I will take your money even while you are genociding Uighur Muslims,” and you also have the Mark Cuban who says, “let me personally drive to a gas station, pick up an NBA player, reunite him with his mom, check him into rehab, and save his life just because I can.” No matter how much people want it to be true, individuals are not all good and they are not all bad. That is the Mark Cuban Experience.

What Happens When People Like Mark Cuban Destroy America’s Totems

This is why Mark Cuban’s insistence on doing things to harm America is so frustrating. Despite all the debate surrounding the National Anthem, it actually is a black and white issue when seen in the bigger context of what it means to be a nation. The reason The 1776 Report is so positively important is that it is trying to re-cement the founding history of America at a time where The 1619 Project is doing everything it can to erode America’s keystone.

No matter what many people say, it is a good thing to have pride in your country. Not only that, if you want your country to flourish it is essential to have pride in your country. Yes, you can still point out the flaws and scars, but you must also acknowledge the good. But Mark Cuban–and everybody else who decides to besmirch American totems like the National Anthem–never acknowledges the good. In trying to push his narrative of America as an evil country, he is taking a chainsaw to the ties that bind us as Americans.

We are already two different countries. Some people do not want to admit it, but it is there. And people like Mark Cuban are widening the divide. If we cannot agree on how to properly honor our country with the National Anthem, then we do not have a unified country. We are only a unified country in name at that point. That is why it is so dangerous when people like Mark Cuban castigate and ignore the National Anthem.

If you cannot stand and honor America with the anthem, it is an admission that there is very little you see worth honoring about the country. There is no symbol that invokes pride and honor. If you cannot do it for the anthem and the flag, chances are you cannot do it for anything. And when a person in power like Cuban intentionally neglects the anthem, he is actively doing everything in his power to tear America apart just to make it fit his perspective.

What to Make of These Dueling Mark Cubans?

So how do you reconcile these two Mark Cubans? The guy who does good deeds simply because he can. Simply out of the goodness of his own heart. A guy who does not go out looking for accolades when he is saving the life of somebody like Delonte West, but does it just because he knows what he is doing is right.

How can you square that with the guy who has a conniption fit on The Megyn Kelly Show trying everything he can to not denigrate CHINA! Think about that one for a second; the only way you could side with China on anything is if you have a visceral hatred of America. It is either that or Mark Cuban loves China (and money).

So that is who Mark Cuban is; a great guy on the personal level who helps out individuals and minorities… and also uses his power to help unravel the fabric of America. In this regard, he is a perfect microcosm for the left. Cuban allows his emotions to dictate almost all of his actions in the cultural realm while his business acumen lets him make deals and profit from one of the worst, most murderous regimes on the planet. Cuban cares for the little guy… that is until the profits are so overwhelmingly large he can subvert his principles.

Where in the World Are Mark Cuban’s Principles?

But the thing is, if that is how you act, then you really do not have principles. That is how you can get somebody like Mark Cuban who does so many good things but who also sides with a genocidal government. It is why Mark Cuban can live the quintessential American dream, going from flat-broke and sleeping on the floor of his apartment without any lights, and yet reject the most essential of American totems.

Cuban looks at American totems like the flag and the National Anthem and does not see anything to respect. Even though it was this country (and his work ethic) that made his dream possible. He would rather support the anti-American Black Lives Matter movement–and yes, it is anti-American no matter how much they want to go full Stalin with their history–than support America or its totems.

It should not be possible to live the life Mark Cuban has and want to take garden shears to the last threads holding America together. But that is exactly what Mark Cuban is doing and wants to do. Unfortunately, he is not alone, and he–plus others on the left–will not stop until every last American totem is gone. At that point, America will be gone too.