The Dirty Secret to Trump’s Foreign Policy? Trump’s Crazy

Lost in the calamity and utter ineptitude of Joe Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan is how calm, predictable, and terrible his Afghanistan speech was. After four years of Trump, many Americans wanted calm. That was what Joe Biden’s “return to normal” was all about. The appearance of calm. The problem is, Americans did not want the appearance of calm. They wanted actual calm. What they are getting right now is a stark reminder that appearances are sometimes far different from reality. Worse, too many Americans are waking up to this fact about 10 months too late. If many had the chance to do it all over again, they would pull a different lever (or mail in a different ballot). They are learning a hard lesson; for all of Trump’s faults, Trump’s crazy was actually a calming presence on the world stage, and Trump’s crazy, ironically, brought stability.

Trump’s crazy was not an easy thing to deal with. In fact, Trump’s crazy was almost like a virus in itself. It infected people and drove them crazy. That is how the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” came to be. However, sometimes crazy can be a good thing. Sometimes crazy is a net positive. And sometimes, having a completely crazy person–who is entirely unpredictable–actually calms things down.

This paragraph and lede might come off as crazy to you, but look at the facts: Joe Biden–a serial liar, slanderer, and plagiarizer–is eminently predictable. He is many abominable things (coincidentally the original story has been scrubbed), but he is at least sane in the political sense. He is entirely predictable.

Trump, though, is anything but predictable. And yet, which man is the better president? Which man brought actual calm to the world stage? Donald Trump? Or Joe Biden? The images and videos coming out of Afghanistan are all anybody needs to provide an objective answer to that question. It is Trump. Welcome to the lunacy of our current political climate.

Trump’s Crazy Kept the Other Crazies in Line

Even though journalists like Clarissa Ward insinuate Trump emboldened groups like the Taliban, terrorists around the world toed the line while Trump was president. They did so because of Trump’s crazy. Early on in his presidency, nobody knew exactly how Trump would respond if terrorists or evil regimes attacked America or American outposts. This enabled Trump to do great things like pull out of the debacle known as the JCPOA; an agreement so bad it laid the groundwork for the Abraham Accords. While the rest of the world condemned Trump’s action (technically inaction), all Iran could do in response was complain. They refused to take any aggressive action in response because they did not know how Trump would respond.

Actually, that is not entirely true. They had an inkling how he would respond if they tried anything. After all, Trump showed he was not simply content to bring ISIS to heel, he wanted to make an example out of their leaders. Not only did Trump sign the order to take out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but Trump reveled in the manner that al-Baghdadi died (“like a dog“). Here was the President of the United States reacting to the death of an ISIS leader like a 14-year-old merking somebody in Call of Duty. Crazy, yet effective.

So Iran and its generals were walking on eggshells hoping to not do anything to set off Trump. Of course, Trump did not actually need a reason to remove somebody like Qasem Soleimani–probably ordering the hit before he could give a concrete recent example for the decision–and that is the point; if you were a bad guy, Trump’s crazy meant your days were numbered. So when Trump erased the blight known as Qasem Soleimani, it was yet another example of Trump’s crazy being a net positive for the world. The fact he gave the order from Mar-a-Lago just adds to the Trumpiness of Trump. But did Iran respond in any effective way? Obviously, no. Why? Because of Trump’s crazy.

Crazy Recognizes Crazy

Trump’s crazy was a massively successful deterrent. Sure, Trump’s gut instinct was to avoid war, but Trump’s instinct–as a “New Yorkah”–was to constantly fight back and refuse to show weakness. If you wanted to punch at Trump, good luck. There was a distinct possibility Trump was going to pull out an M2 .50 and light your ass up. That is why although so many balked at his mannerisms and what he said, other crazies around the world recognized his crazy, making him wildly successful on the international stage.

Trump’s crazy allowed him to cripple Iran. It allowed him to cripple Russia and arm Crimea. There were wars of words between both Trump and President Xi, and Trump and Kim Jung-Un, but neither the Chinese nor the North Koreans did anything of note during the four years Trump was in office. Again, Trump successfully kept Ayatollah Khamenei, Vladimir Putin, President Xi, and Kim Jung-Un in line while eliminating ISIS and Iranian leaders. That is a successful foreign policy… and the world owed it to Trump’s crazy.

Now we are seeing what sane and predictable can get us. We saw it in Libya with Obama, and now we are seeing it in Kabul with Biden. Sane and predictable gets you predictable results; the unnecessary deaths of Americans and the proliferation of terror states. The only thing sane about that is the real-life reminder that terrorists and evil regimes are bullies with weapons; when they sense weakness, they will take advantage of the situation. So sure, sane might sound better, and it might make for better dinner conversation, but crazy can be, well, crazy effective. And Trump’s crazy was the foundation for the best foreign policy from an American president in about 40 years. Crazy, huh?