How to Answer, “Was John Kerry the White House Leaker?” No, No, No… Or Yes, Yes, Yes?

Back in 2013, Israel was “furious” with the Obama administration because somebody was leaking covert Israeli intelligence information “directly from the White House” to the Iranians. We never found out the identity of this leaker, even as the leaks continued. Then Trump entered the White House and the leaks stopped. Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, the leaks have resumed. But more than that, according to Mohammed Javad Zarif, one of the most recent Israeli intelligence leaks comes directly from John Kerry. So, was John Kerry the White House Leaker? And if so, why?

To get at the first answer, we must first look at Iran. As discussed before, the left’s love affair with Iran is the most perplexing thing in international relations. Iran is a country that executes more women than any other country in the world, executes gays for being gay, and shoots protestors in the streets. Despite all this, the left constantly backs Iran. The progressives–who utilize 1st Amendment protection for protests, and constantly preach about women’s and gay rights–back the country that kills gays and women while indiscriminately shooting protestors. Nobody in their right mind would ever back Iran. But the left does.

However, it is more than that. The left backs Iran and attacks allies of America and Americanism. John Kerry is the walking, talking embodiment of this hypocritical dichotomy. Everybody in America should be on the side of Israel because Israel has American values. It is the same reason everybody in America should be on the side of people in Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong exhibit American values. So too do the people of Iran.

The people of Iran are some of the fiercest and most courageous freedom fighters in the world. They protest against their government despite knowing they could get shot, tortured, and killed for doing so. And yet, here is John Kerry going against the people of Iran, against an American ally (Israel), and abetting the Iranian, “death to America,” regime.

The Most American People in the World Right Now Are Not Found in America

However, none of this is surprising coming from John Kerry if you remember who John Kerry is, and is about. This is the guy who–along with TV anchors–threw Vietnam veterans under the bus in 1971 and helped foment a climate where Vietnam veterans were treated like scum (the same playbook the left is utilizing right now with policing in America. Same stuff, different decade).

John Kerry has rarely displayed American values–or promoted Americanism–here or abroad. In fact, he is most known for lying, belittling, and castigating America on the world stage. That is how he got his start. But now we know–at least according to Mohammad Javad Zarif–Kerry was leaking covert information about Israeli attacks to the Iranian minister. Full disclosure; you should not trust Zarif any farther than you can throw him, so taking the report at face value–in a vacuum–is a fool’s errand. However, it gains more credibility when you remember the massive story that was the White House Leaker in 2013.

Year after year, time after time, the Obama administration leaked vital and covert Israeli intelligence information to the Iranians. This is like spending the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl creating an entirely new offense, just for your offensive coordinator to hand over the new playbook directly to the opposing team the morning of the Super Bowl.

The Israelis were “furious” back in 2013, and with good reason. The Obama administration was not only fouling up Israel’s plans, but it was making it more likely for a direct engagement with Assad, something the Israelis wanted to avoid. But the Israelis knew the leaks “came directly from the White House.” Unfortunately, unlike with the Trump administration, the identity of the leaker was never brought to light and everybody forgot about it.

Is it a Nothingburger or a 72 oz Tomahawk?

But here is a story where the Iranian Minister is talking about getting direct information from John Kerry, and people are referring to it as a “nothingburger.” Far from it being a nothingburger, this could be a perfectly prepared 72 oz Tomahawk steak with all the protein, nutrients, and gristle that goes along with it.

If you work off the assumption that John Kerry is unAmerican and has never promoted American values, the jump to Kerry being the White House leaker is more like a baby taking its first steps next to a set of stairs; sure some people think it is cute, but if you pay attention, you can see something truly terrible happening.

John Kerry as the White House Leaker Makes Perfect Sense

That something terrible is John Kerry. Not only is Iran Israel’s mortal enemy, but it is also America’s too. But Iran is not John Kerry’s enemy because John Kerry does not hold American values. He has not held American values since at least 1971 when he made it clear he had political ambitions and was seeking power. But the U.S. governmental system is a system built to thwart power-hungry people; like somebody who has been after power for 50 years! So why does Kerry seem more at home helping Iran and hurting America and American allies? Because he is more comfortable backing Iran’s system that rewards power rather than America’s that stymies it.

Why do you think he does not care what position he is in, even though he has never been qualified for any of them (as proven by his smug–yet hilariously bad–track record)? Because power is power, and John Kerry does not care if he wields that power as the secretary of state or as a climate envoy. John Kerry is simply happy so long as he wields power. If playing footsie with Iran and whispering state secrets to Iran allows him to wield that power, no problem for Kerry.

So, selling an American ally down the river to ensure you maintain power? No problem at all, especially if you never cared about American values in the first place. But was John Kerry the White House Leaker? We might never know. All we know is–according to Zarif–Kerry leaked Israeli covert information to him, an Iranian minister. The type of information leaked constantly and “directly from the White House.” People are acting like this was a one-off comment or conversation. Why can’t it be a continuation of the status quo between Zarif and Kerry? This might not be a 2+2=4 type of mathematics, but it sure looks like 2+x=4… and everybody is afraid to point out John Kerry is the traitorous–enemy of Americanism and American allies–X.