Our Excuse Society is Making Us Unhealthy in Every Way Imaginable

To be cliché is to be trite. To be hackneyed. It is not something people strive for because there is no originality in it. Why be cliché when you can create something new and exciting? But what people take for granted is that things and sayings become cliché because they are true. They have weathered the test of time and come out on the other end as fully formed and capable of adapting to almost any situation. One of the greatest–and truest–clichés is that “nothing easy in life is worth doing.”

People do not pay any attention to the phrase, but it is true. However, despite its authenticity, our modern society ignores it. We ignore it because we want everything to be easy. But life is not easy. So when we are faced with a hard problem like Covid, we look for easy solutions despite knowing the tougher path is the way out (like Sweden). Unfortunately, since we live in an Excuse Society, we would rather placate those wishing to live in a fantasy rather than pushing them to strive for more and work harder for a solution.

Worse, our excuse society says that making excuses and avoiding hard work is actually the better method. Even though nothing easy in life is worth doing. We tossed this piece of sage advice into the trash bin of history simply because the solution is too hard. We would rather make excuses and continue to harm ourselves than dig deep and overcome these problems by working hard. But this aversion to hard work is unhealthy. It is unhealthy both in a physical sense, and it is unhealthy in a mental and psychological manner.

How Our Excuse Society Manifested Itself During Covid

If somebody said, “I can make you two times more likely to live through a global pandemic and make you healthier for the rest of your life in the process,” wouldn’t you accept that offer? What if that person added, “and it will only take a half-hour a day?” Does that not seem reasonable? Does that not seem utterly achievable? But this is not some snake oil salesmen in a covered wagon trying to doff poisonous laudanum off on people. This is a remedy available to all people everywhere, and yet… nobody is taking it. So what is this mystical potion? It is called working out.

Working out is the magic elixir. If you are an inactive person, you are twice as likely to be hospitalized. 73% more likely to require intensive care and 2.5x times more likely to die from Covid. Yet, working out requires–wait for it–work. And when given the option between, “work a little harder each week” or “die,” the vast majority of people took Option No. 2! If you cannot push yourself to work harder in the face of death then you are simply an excuse-making machine. Unluckily for you, our excuse society excuses your lack of effort and excuses your lack of (Tony Perkins voice) hustle.

Somehow it is not your fault you do not work out and take care of yourself. No. That answer is too simple. It is society’s fault because society fat shames or some such nonsense. Take some accountability for yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and realize we all can be better. But if you are obese, with a BMI over 30, you have to do a better job. Why? Maybe because the other option is death? This should not be a hard equation, but for the vast majority of Americans–who are let off the hook thanks to our Excuse Society–this is a Chinese Trigonometry equation.

Realizing the Solutions are at Your Fingertips Should be an Invigorating Notion

American society is based on responsibility. Personal responsibility that if you fail, that is on you. But somewhere along the line that all changed. Somehow we lost the desire to say, “I tried, I failed, and that’s on me. But that’s ok because at least I tried… and I’ll try again” Now? Now we don’t even try. It’s not that we don’t swing at the dish, we no longer even step up to the plate! The worst part about all this is we have the answers. That despite this wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, we refuse to use it.

Are you poor in America? GREAT NEWS!!! You don’t have to be! Just get a high school degree, wait till 21 for marriage and children, and get a full-time job. Do all that and you won’t be poor for long. Those goals are within reach for everybody. But many many people say that those goals are too hard. Shenanigans. It’s just another excuse in a long line of them proferred by our Excuse Society.

Do you want to get out of poverty? Stop making excuses. Do you want to avoid jail? Stop breaking the law! Do you want to boost your ability to survive Covid and not even worry about the pandemic? Get moving. Do you want to be healthier for the rest of your life? Stop making excuses and start looking within yourself for the answers. Instead of this being a scary solution, this should be invigorating! Don’t let our excuse society make you think you can’t do something. It’s a good thing so many of the solutions to life’s problems are within your grasp. All you have to do is get off your ass and grab them. If you won’t, or you think you can’t, you’re just making excuses.