Who Are You Rooting For with the Coronavirus?

If the Coronavirus has taught me one thing, it’s that many of you either never played a team sport, or were terrible teammates. How do I know? The shocking number of people who are seemingly rooting for the Coronavirus. People have not been shy about it. Remember Bill Maher? He even had a year to think about it… and he was not apologetic. Even though now he’s doing the right thing and blaming China… I guess it’s just the smart thing to do. It’s just now that the reality has hit home–hard–many of you are still rooting for the Coronavirus and defending some of the politics coming out of it. What are you doing?!?! Explain to me the thought process behind looking at a global pandemic and thinking, “Oh good, let’s see how I can use this to my advantage.” I ask because during a global pandemic, shouldn’t we all be in this together? The answer–horrifically–is apparently no.

I love sports and I like politics. There is a common trait between the two fields. Both are buoyed by fans rooting for their side. Yes, the Red Sox vs. Yankees is one of the greatest rivalries in the world, but it is currently nothing compared to the current battle of Republican vs. Democrat. The political world needs to take a look at the sports world. In the sports world right now, all players across teams are combining forces to do good–serious good–and are coming up with ways to help out their fellow man any way they can. Not only that, but their humanitarian moves are putting pressure on team owners and peer-pressuring them into doing their own good deeds. It is clear which team the players, coaches, and owners are rooting for; us.

But politicians and the politically active? They are still battling in the never-ending game of “Us vs. Them.” There is this almost unbelievably idiotic tweet from Jemele Hill:

Hill thought the perfect time to castigate Robert Kraft for donating to Donald Trump was in the wake of Kraft using his personal money and plane to secure and provide necessary medical equipment. That beggars belief. This is a free country where people are allowed to vote and donate to whomever they please, but that is not enough for Hill because if you don’t think like her and members of her team, apparently even a completely altruistic act needs to be admonished. She is rooting so hard against Donald Trump, even when one of his supporters does something that will save lives, she needs to tsk tsk it like an ornery grandmother who has been hitting the medicine. (Granted, nothing surprises me with Jemele Hill because she is the author of the dumbest piece of sports content ever written, but that tweet–and the philosophy behind it–is a doozy).

So what pushes people to this point? There are those out there that hoped for a downturn in the economy. They got it. Nevermind that even outside of a global pandemic that train of thought would mean millions out of jobs and not making money. Nope. We must root for bad things to happen because Orange Man Bad! At what point is your hatred, your “Us vs. Them” mentality going to end? Why does rooting against somebody envelop so much of your being it turns you into a legitimately bad person who hopes for evil to befall others?

How Hydroxychloroquine Reveals the Problem of Rooting Interest in Politics

Thousands upon thousands dying isn’t stopping this evil (and yes, it is evil) way of thinking. Donald Trump touts the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine despite insufficient medical case studies. He gets excoriated for it from the media and simple-minded people who apparently have never thought of the repercussions of, ya know, not taking the possible life saving medicine.

Please, take a second and think of the alternative outcome. What is the difference between taking this possible life saving treatment and this act passed in 2018? NOT A FRIGGIN’ THING! Except that Trump is personally extolling the medication (yes, sometimes like a dangerous idiot, but I repeat myself). He might be wrong. The drug combination might have adverse side effects on the heart. But is that better than the Coronavirus side effect of, well, death? The whole point being, if you are on death’s doorstep, throwing a hail mary (and saying one if you are Christian) might seem like a good idea! Otherwise… I guess you can just die? Die or take a possible life saving drug? You decide!

Look, several things can be true at once during this global pandemic: Trump could be talking out of his ass (like when he says to take Hyrdoxychloroquine even though you are not sick or don’t have Coronavirus; that’s not just dumb, that’s dangerous and any insult lobbed at him for doing so is on the money), we could have media that all of a sudden enjoy ignoring what the rest of the world is doing and saying for a change because it would make Trump look good (take a look at that Chicago Tribune title; the story isn’t if it makes Trump look good… THE STORY IS MAYBE SOMEBODY HAS A HANDLE ON THIS!), and we also might all be flying blind right now.

That’s really the main issue here. Nobody knows enough about this. Beyond that, we only know enough to be dangerous. We don’t truly know how many people have the virus nor do we know how many people are dying specifically from the virus. What we do know–and what we should be concentrating on–is how to best help one another and come together. Instead, we are still being as petty as ever, picking our sides in battles and rooting for out teams at a time when we need unity. Not just in the United States, but worldwide.

Yeah, China screwed everyone over… hard! Yes, you can absolutely blame China and the Chinese government for this–and no, not Chinese people or people with Chinese backgrounds, you dolts! So, here’s a solution during these harrowing times: let’s help one another out, applaud people that provide medical equipment, sing the praises of medical staff no matter what side of the aisle they are on, hope and pray there is an effective treatment no matter who touts it, and if you need a rooting interest so badly, remember, this really, truly, is the fault of the Chinese government. And hey, if we can’t agree on all of that… maybe we really all should just throw up our hands and die… cause that’s the one thing that will always bind us.