It is Time to Call Mainstream Journalists What They Are; Yellowists Practicing Yellowism

One of the most oft-repeated complaints from people on the right–and from an increasing number of classical liberals–is how mainstream journalists no longer do their jobs. How traditional journalism is dead. Traditional journalism died because the people investigating, writing, and fact-checking all the stories are in no way journalists. Journalists are supposed to present the news in the most objective way possible. That is simply no longer a thing. The modern mainstream journalist is nothing more than a propaganda writer. So, let’s stop calling them journalists and start calling them what they are, propaganda writers, or “Yellowists” practicing “Yellowism.”

If you have never heard of the term “Yellowists” or “Yellowism” that’s because these words and phrases do not exist. But this is 2021, where anybody can create words and phrases out of thin air: Latinx, BIPOC, zee/zer, woke, “noncitizen,” the list goes on and on.

Yellowists/Yellowism is in the same vein; taking a phrase we already know–“Yellow Journalism“–and turning it into an active noun. If members of the mainstream media are going to engage in pure propaganda–in yellow journalism–use a phrase that explicitly calls it out, “Yellowism.” And call them what they are, “Yellowists.”

Ok, Great… But What is “Yelllowism?”

Some of you might be confused about where “yellowism” is coming from; it comes from yellow journalism. “Yellow journalism and yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate, well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales.”

Now, does that sound like a good encapsulation of our current media landscape? Does it seem like a good idea to shorten it all and explicitly label those who practice yellow journalism? Do we need a distinction among good journalists, so-so journalists who at least try but still fail, and outright propagandists? Absolutely we do.

Plus, there is an added benefit to this new term; if people get upset thinking it is a pejorative against Asians, awesome! In much the same vein of how ignorant people get upset when you say, “calling a spade a spade,” if people get upset at “yellowism” and “yellowists,” so much more the better because they are admitting their ignorance.

So who falls under the rubric of yellowism? Who is a yellowist? To answer that, let’s get our Jeff Foxworthy on…

The Jeff Foxworthy Perspective on Yellowism and Yellowists

*Tucks buttoned-up shirt into jeans, grows a mustache, starts speaking with a twang*

If youuuu constantly need to issue corrections to your stories and all those corrections only skew in one direction, youuuu might be a yellowist.

When you watch a news anchor repeat lie after lie and bury true stories while pushing conspiracy theories that turn out to be completely untrue, he miiiiight be a yellowist engaging in yellowism.

If youuuu are a news anchor who helps bury a story about a governor because the governor is your brother, youuuu might be a yellow news anchor.

If youuuu are a journalist who calls for censorship, you might be a yellowist masquerading as a journalist.

But it goes deeper. If youuuu push stories and narratives so hard that your audience’s understanding of the deadliness of Covid-19 is wrong by a factor of 40(!!!) you are engaging in yellowism.

Sadly, Covid is not the worst instance of this…

Youuuu might be a leader in yellowism if your coverage of police shootings compels 85% of “very liberal” people to wildly overestimate “unarmed black” shootings by police. And 78% of “liberals.” And 66% of “moderates.”

If youuuu turn attempted murderers into saints simply to stoke a narrative or lie about one of the crucial aspects of a case, youuuu might be a fountain of yellowism.

If your entire profession is in the bag for a candidate and president, your entire profession is abdicating its role as journalists.

And obviously, if you create a story out of whole cloth to push a narrative, that too is yellowism.

The Difference Between Yellowism, Journalism, and Punditry

Trust is at an all-time low in journalists and with good reason; journalists are not trustworthy. When Laura Italiano wrote the incredibly false story about Kamala Harris’ children’s book, she went from journalist to yellowist. She claimed she was pressured into writing the story, but a journalist–no matter how much she wants the story to be true–does not write a false story.

Sure, maybe she was pressured into writing it, but then you still do not write a false story if you are a journalist. A true journalist would recognize the real story; that she was being pressured to report lies. That is a whale of a story. But nope. She can blame the New York Post for pressuring her, but it was her byline in the story, so she is a yellowist.

Journalism–the act of investigating, parsing through details, and relaying the facts in the most objective way possible–is hard. But the mistakes we are seeing come from the desire to push a narrative, not from the desire to push truth. We see it when papers and reporters make mistakes. Stealth editing is now the practice de jour among journalists and papers. If you ever stealth edit because you are ashamed of your mistake, you are not a journalist. Own the mistake. You screwed up. So what? We will trust you more if you concede “this was not the truth.”

People want the truth and deserve the truth. That is all. That is not too much to ask. But we no longer get the truth. We can no longer trust just about anybody or anything in news. The most trustworthy people are the pundits, not the “journalists.” At least pundits let you know, “ok, I am biased. Take this with a grain of salt.” Journalists are all claiming to be objective, which is itself a lie. So it is time to call them out for it. Strip them of their title of journalist and start calling them what they are; propagandists pushing narratives at the expense of the American people. In short, yellowists practicing yellowism.